The method of communication on Skype, is really efficient and it saves a lot of time……

I have been in your wonderful school for several months and fully satisfied with current results. I’m glad I was not mistaken in the choice, because the method of communication on Skype, is really efficient and it saves a lot of time. Special thanks to my teacher Steve (Steve)! Communication with him gave me a tangible progress in learning the language, because before that I had no experience in the language of communication completely. Now I can communicate in almost any topic, I have lost the feeling of uncertainty that I had. We discuss interesting topics to us, in the process of improving the language, vocabulary, comes a deeper understanding of the language.

I liked Steve from the very first lesson………………..

I liked Steve from the very first lesson. He’s a very open, responsive and professional teacher. Before talking to him I had a strong barrier in communicating to the British (for this reason I was looking for an English tutor ). I mingled freely with the Germans, French, Italians and other foreigners in English, but as soon as I saw the Englishman, I had some internal brake. I began to think and to choose each word, check the correctness of each phrase, etc. From this it became slow and clumsy. Now everything is much easier. He patiently listens to the mistakes I make in speech and corrects them correctly. However, he notes at the outset which ones I make more and tries to correct them. I have been studying for about 2 months and already feel enormous progress. In addition to studying with him, he is just nice to talk to. He is an interesting man with a great sense of humor.